For Parents

For Parents


Montessori Day

8,00 – 8,45 Arrival time
8,00- 10,30 Montessori work
– individual work with Montessori Material
– work in groups on specific projects
– ellipse time
– snack time
10,30 – 11,30 Garden time
11,30 – 12,30 Lunch time, after lunch the children with half-day stay are picked up by the authorized person
12,30 – 14,00 Nap time/relaxation time
14,00 – 15,00 Afternoon clubs
15,00 – 17,00 Free activities,snack time,pick up time of the rest of the children

If you are interested in detailed information concerning afternoon clubs go to CLUBS category


We use the services of a provider called Ecolandia

Lunch: Montessori Dům is offering two lunch menus to our children, one of them is vegetarian. We are also open to any other special requirements.

Snacks: different kinds of seasonal fruits and vegetables. in bio quality.

Drinks: water, fruit tea with no added sugar, lemonades.

We can offer a gluten-free bread and for those who would be interested in milk-free product we offer rice milk as well.

You can see the week menu at the board in BOTIČka.

Open Door Days

We invite all the parents interested in visiting the Montessori Dům to contact us by e-mail or phone to make an appointment: 604 329 653 It will be our pleasure to show you all our premises, Montessori materials our children are working with and to answer all your questions.

Picking up conditions
You can authorised any person you trust to pick up your child from Montessori Dům, nevertheless, first you have to inform us by means of written authorisation. We will verify their identity by checking the written authorisation and authorised person’s ID. We would also prefer if you first bring such a person with you to intorduce her/him to us. We care about our children´s safety so please follow these requirements.

Conditions for accepting your child to Montessori Dům
We do not expect a child to be able to dress herself/himself or to be able to put on his/her shoes. We can help them with any of those activities and after some time they will learn to do it themselves. We respect the fact that every individual is unique and every child learns at different pace.

Practical things you need to know
The child is accepted to the pre-school based on the agreement and payment of the deposit 10 000 CZK which is refundable and is deducted from the payment of the last month in the Montessori dům. This is a little confusing. Maybe: Along with signing the contract showing your monthly.

Your child will need:

1)comfortable clothes for staying indoors, extra clothes in case the little one needs to be changed during the day (underwear, t-shirt, trousers, socks)
2)comfortable indoor shoes
3)drinking cup
4) a photo of your child to display at birthday celebration noticeboard

How children call us

We are trying to create a friendly environment for the children. A Montessori pedagog should be a kind of assistant or guide for a child more than a teacher, that is why we encourage children to use our first names when addressing us. They know us as Lucie, Annie, Radim or Petra.

Relaxation time

Our children do not have to sleep during the noon relaxation time. If they prefer they may relax, read books, listen to fairy tales or just play — respecting and not disturbing those who want to sleep.

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